Kids Kamp


Summer Kids Kamp

We begin signing up for Kids Kamp in Mid-March of each year.

Summer Kids Kamp is in session from the Tuesday after Memorial Day to mid-August.  

  • Ages 3 thru 11

  • $75 Annual Registration Fee

  • $120 per week (includes all activities)

  • Hours are from 7:00am to 6:00pm

  • We DO NOT provide lunch; however, morning and afternoon snacks are offered

  • Vending is also available

  • Weekly field trips (movies, skating, museums, bowling, safari park, swimming, etc)

  • We also bring in a water slide a number of times throughout the summer

  • An outdoor playground

  • Our indoor Playland Adventure

  • 5 other designated areas with games and activities

  • A movie after lunch each day (used as "wind down" time)

  • All activities are scheduled (activity changes occur every 30 minutes)

Holiday Kids Kamp

  • We follow the Ouachita Parish School schedule for most holiday camps (call to verify actual dates)

  • Ages 3 thru 11

  • Price is $110 per week or $35 per day

  • Similar to summer camp except we have NO field trips, nor swimming at these camps

  • Hours of operation are from 7:00am to 6:00pm